Virtual/Part Time Finance Director Services

Financial support for growing businesses who want to go beyond infinity – at a fraction of the cost.

The Virtual/Part Time Finance Director is a relatively new idea. It’s a way for businesses to get remote support from a part time Finance Director that they wouldn’t have been able to afford previously, or to save on the cost of having a full in-house finance director. The average salary of an in-house Finance Director in CEMAC is just under 5‑million FCFA. A virtual finance director gives businesses access to the same experience that they would have with an in-house financial director, at a fraction of the cost. Infinity Group offers you a qualified, highly-experienced part time finance director for an affordable fee.

Your Virtual/Part Time Finance Director will:

  • Carry out the usual duties of a traditional financial director remotely and on a part-time basis.
  • Monitor the financial health and wellbeing of your business using comprehensive cloud technology.
  • Provide you with financial insight and guidance on all of your company decisions and issues.
  • Carry out back-office functions such as managing accounts and ledgers to meet your business needs.

How can a virtual finance director benefit my business?

Having access to a virtual financial director can be a huge benefit to your business, but for most businesses, the cost of a full-time experienced financial director is out of reach. Many businesses won’t even consider hiring a financial director anyway, not realising that this decision could make or break their business.

So many businesses fail within the first three years, for a multitude of reasons, including failure to differentiate from the competition and failure to find a profitable business model. By using an online accountant as a virtual financial director, businesses are able to set clear and achievable financial goals and ensure that they are on the path to profitability.

A virtual financial director acts part time for your business and can carry out tasks such as:

  • Budgeting and forecasting.
  • Pinpointing problem spending.
  • Validating or discouraging business decisions based on financial considerations.

Few business owners possess the ability to perform these functions, but they are crucial to the success of any business. At Infinity Group we use our practical knowledge, years of experience, cloud-based accounting software and modern data analytics to provide you, our valued client, with a remote, part-time financial director service that will minimise your costs and help drive your business forward.

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